Can You Believe How Much Sugar is In These Items???


Excessive amount of sugar can;

  1. Increase the effects of ageing
  2. increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease
  3. Cause obesity

Obviously it therefore needs to be avoided! However, did you know just how much sugar is in some of these popular drinks?!?!


Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate – Large = 60g of Sugar (15 Tea spoons) 

Starbucks Chia Latte – Large – = 52g of Sugar (13 Tea Spoons) 

Caffee Nero Carmalatte – = 50.6g of Sugar (13 Tea Spoons) 


One of these drinks once in a while isn’t going to have a massive impact! However One or two of these a week, sugar consumption will soon amount so just be weary next time you go out for a sweet drink!


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