Below is an image of the normal ‘cycle’ most people follow…




















Experienced this??


Now, what I would recommend is micro goals and habits.


These micro goals will ensure success.


Example… You want to drop 10lbs. Realistically you aren’t going to do that in a week.


Instead spread it over 4-8 weeks.


And set further micro goals/habits to help get you there. So, lose 10lbs in 8 weeks… You will need to be in a calorie deficit of approximately 4000 a week. Sounds a lot but thats only 500 calories less a day. How are you going to do that… [Micro Goals]


Avoid drinking any calories


Walk 6000 steps per day.


More than achievable.


Nothing fancy.


Nothing expensive.


Wont take that long!


Obviously including a few extra workouts in a gym will speed up the process but aren’t necessary.


/// As of today I have 2 Personal Training spaces available. This isn’t some false scarcity claim, genuinely I have enough time for two more people to come and train at the studio ///


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