The Most Effective, Fat Burning, Weight Dropping, Secret Exercise Known To Man…


Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret fat burning exercise.


Infact, I wouldn’t even say any particular exercise is better than the other.


Yes certain exercises will burn more calories blah blah blah, and if you focus on those you will probably lose more weight blah blah blah. But who wants to be doing hill sprints, squatting, pushing themselves to absolute exhaustion every day??


I don’t!




There is one type of exercise that will guarantee success.


And that’s the exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. The exercise you enjoy. The type of exercise you did when you were younger during which you laughed all the way through.


Simply put, if you enjoy something, you are more likely to continue doing it!


“Consistency is the key to success” A profound sounding quote that i’m sure someone motivations must have said at some point!


So instead of thinking you must go to the gym, or you must go for a run. Think of a physical activity you enjoy. Think outside the box…


An example… Enjoy photography. Why not go for a long walk taking photos along the way. You will be surprised with the parts of town you didn’t know existed.


Enjoyed playing football when you were younger? Join a local football 5 a side team. I know that in Kenilworth’ there’s an over 50’s walking football club at the leisure centre. I’m guessing most people will enjoy that considerably more than going for a run.


You get the idea, just start something you know will enjoy!


Anyhow… Any questions just ask! Allocating an hour or so a week to create free content and answer any questions.