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Alex Selby

August 17, 2020

75 Square Metre Fitness Studio Available for Hire

As previously mentioned in my last blog post, Alex Selby Health and Fitness Ltd and Kenilworth Fitness Studios Ltd will be opening a second fitness studio in the centre of Kenilworth.  

Based on the old high street, the new studio will be located at the rear of Bank Gallery, the exclusive and sought-after premises where studio number 1 is located. 

With Bank Gallery being one of Kenilworth’s oldest and most prominent buildings, the opportunity to hire the facility at a more than affordable rate with little to no risk is one not to be missed.

How The Facility Will Be Rented Out. 

The studio is going to be available to rent on either a half or full day rate (breakdown of costs available here)

As an incentive, the first months rental will be half price. In addition to that, below are just some of the benefits;

  • Fully Licensed Training and Yoga Studio
  • Sole Use
  • Free Parking
  • Ideal for one to one or small groups
  • Fully equipped 
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen Area
  • Private Access
  • Air Conditioned
  • Music License with Spotify
  • No Equipment Costs 
  • Own service page on website ranked highly in Kenilworth
  • Benefit from the reputation of established training studio

No risk 30 day agreements. If for any reason using the facility isn’t working for you there will be no long standing contracts in place, truly making it low risk for you. 


Earning Potential As Self Employed Personal Trainer.

Here is an example of how a Personal Trainer can build their own business and reputation in a premium facility without the gym taking over 60% of your earned revenue. 

Morning hire (6am-1pm) (7 hours) – Cost £40. Easily fit in 5 sessions into the morning block, averaging £30 per session = £150 – £40 expenses = £110 profit. Charge just £5 more = £175 – £40 = £135 per morning.

Evening hire (1pm-10pm) – Cost £5. Giving your 9 hours of studio time, you will easily be able to conduct 6-7 training sessions. Average session cost £30 per session = £210 – £50 = £160 profit. Charge just £5 more per session = £245 – £50 = £195 per evening.

Following these relatively conservative calculations, let’s say you work just 2 mornings and 2 evenings a week. Based on the average gross profits you will be earning in excess of £530 per week. Excluding any other sessions you may conduct outside the studio. 

Remember, there will be no additional equipment costs, no electricity, water or heating bills, no repair costs, no cleaning costs, no building service charges, no legal fees. The calculated profit is your gross profit allowing you to grow your business and earn the hourly fees you deserve to earn. 

Compared to running sessions for gyms where the gym will charge over £40 for a session, pay you, the trainer £12-£15 and give you little to no flexibility in developing your own brand and business. Furthermore, with the current Covid-19 outbreak, clients will be more inclined to train in a private training studio as opposed to a gym open to the public.


Not of actual studio. Design Inspiration. 

Come in and have a look. Fill out the short form below and I will be in touch shortly!

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