Reopen Date and Addition of Second Studio?

Alex Selby

July 2, 2020

When Will Fitness Facilities be able to Reopen? 

Unfortunately, I am not too sure. Like most fitness facility owners and personal trainers, I was hopeful that we would be given the confirmation that along with the Pubs, Hairdressers and Restaurants; gyms could also reopen on the 4th of July. So until the next announcement, we will have to wait a little longer until we can return to gyms and studios. 

Unless of course you are amongst the abounding number of outdoor gym members in the UK. 

Health and Safety Measures in Place. 

Linked at the bottom of this paragraph is the risk assessment put together on the 30th June. It identifies any potential risks at the studio and how the trainers are working to minimise the associated dangers.

In addition to this, over the last 3 months the Bank Gallery Training Studio has been refurbished with client safety at the forefront of design. Most notably the carpet flooring has been replaced with a wooden laminate to enable easier and more regular cleaning.

There is also the addition of a handsfree hand sanitisation unit at the entry to reduce the potential risk of spreading Covid-19.



Training Studio Kenilworth.

Image by Alex Selby

Coronavirus Disinfecting and Fogging Test (1st July). 

In order to provide the safest possible environment for my clients and clients of the Studio I have been looking at a number of ways to ensure the studio is as clean as possible.

A tested and environmentally friendly way to ensure a safe facility is through fogging. This morning (1st July) a local company came in a thoroughly cleaned the studio with their non toxic fogging system. 

Whilst results are not necessarily visible to the eye I am confident that the company can help provide safer environment to train in. Therefore going forward I expect the studio to be cleaned with this method at least fortnightly, depending on usage. 

Improvements to The Studio.

Alongside the refurbishments mentioned above there have been more equipment additions to the studio. More pictures will be coming soon however if you want to view the studio yourself why not get in contact and book a completely free, no obligation viewing. Book Session…

Fogging releases an incredibly fine mist through the atmosphere to land on all surfaces and disinfect them, killing viruses and ensuring your areas are completely sanitised

Addition of Second Studio. 

Subject to planning, Alex Selby Health & Fitness is opening a second Personal Training and Fitness Studio.

Whilst there is currently no confirmation of opening date I am excited to announce that I will be opening a second training studio. 

This studio is going to provide an exciting opportunity for local Personal Trainers, Yoga/Pilates Instructors and other Health and Fitness Professionals to coach and teach in a premium town centre facility.

There will be more details to follow however I am confident that alongside studio 1 the addition of a second studio will give more trainers the platform needed to build a rewarding career for themselves away from the constraints of larger gyms. For more information email me directly at 


Fogging Images.

Image by Alex Selby

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